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General FAQs

If you have lost your Saving Passbook or Cheque, you can inform to our call center by phone or you can inform to the nearest bank of Naypyitaw Sibin Bank as soon as possible. Then, the owner of the account must come to the bank by yourself and can apply for new savings Passbook or Cheque.

If you want to open Minor Account, the parent or guardian can apply and open by themselves together with the copy of National Record Card (NRC) of parents or guardians, copy of household-member list and the copy of birth certificate of the child.

Mobile Banking FAQs

Naypyitaw Sibin Bank’s Mobile Banking Account can be opened at all brances of Naypyitaw Sibin Bank.

Yes, we need internet connection to use NSB Bank Mobile Banking Application.

If you use NSB Bank’s Mobile Account by linking with savings accounts and current accounts, you can transfer from account to account services, transfer to others, can easily check the balance, can check bank statement, can pay bills of Naypyitaw Development Committee, can use the services of Cheque Status and Cheque Stop of current accounts and Topup for phone bills.

No, you do not need to pay service charges for transferring own Branch account to account.

But, you need to pay service charges when you transfer money from your account to other account and when you pay bills of Naypyitaw Development Committee. At that time, the service charges will be deducted from Customer’s account.

If you type wrongly for 3 times, the Mobile Account will be locked.

If your Mobile Account was locked, you can do by calling to Call Center of the Naypyitaw Sibin Bank.

If you type wrongly for 3 times, the ATM card will be locked.

You can easily unlocked by calling phone to Call Center of Naypyitaw Sibin Bank or you can re-apply by going to the nearest Branches of Naypyitaw Sibin Bank.

As Our Bank opened Mobile Account by registering the phone number of the customer, the customer cannot use mobile account by changing phone number yourself. If you want to change phone number, you must go the nearest Branches of Naypyitaw Sibin Bank with the copy of your NRC card and can easily apply to change phone number.

After using mobile banking, you should sign out through Menu Bar.

Any smart phone above Android Version (4.5) and iOS Version (9.0 ) can be used.

It can be used 24 hours at anywhere if internet services are accessible.

NSB Mobile App must be updated regularly.

Performance Bank Guarantee

  • (1)The Application Letter of Customer
    • (1.1) For the application with the name of a person,
      – The decision and meeting minutes with the letter head of the Company
      – The power of attorney letter with the letter head of the Company
      – The representative must take the original of NRC by himself/herself
    • (1.2) For the application with the name of Company
      – The valid Company Register Certificate
      – The Decision and Meeting Minutes of the Company
      – The Statements of Share and Lists of Directors that was approved by Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA)
  • (2) The copy of Agreement Contract between Government Department and Company must be taken.